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A lot of people are like that so it was just a blast to just be that and be honest and funny and fun in it and allow the character to just really, really, really be sensitive and vulnerable.

I actually wished I could have done the whole movie in that suit.

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I would love to do that.”Reynolds said that while they were up in Canada shooting the film, he ventured outside in the fat suit.

“Whoever created the suit made it out of molten lava. Ryan Reynold’s Character is Based on Producer Chris Bender: Asked if he stole anything from the real Bender to help him with this character, Reynolds said, “Well, apparently a lot of money. Yeah, his experience was pretty much all on the page.

His wife thinks he’s cheating on her and moreover thinks that he had a baby with another woman.

So he goes and gets a DNA test and finds out that he’s completely sterile and always has been.

“I start a movie called ‘Chaos Theory,’ which is a movie by this guy who did another movie called ‘Pretty Persuasion’ named Marcos Siega who’s just so great. That’s a little more drama but tongue-in-cheek comedy, too.