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Then show you how long they lasted and a key image of the action.

Sightline with a Nest Aware subscription gives you more. Sightline puts all your video history into a single timelapse you can stop and start at will.

Clicking the 'Uninstall' button will both stop and remove Over Sight from your Mac: Over Sight can also be uninstalled via the command-line.

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No tedious digging and guessing to find the moments you care about. Sightline highlights all the key moments with photos, so you can see right away if the event’s worth reviewing. It automatically finds the frame that best shows what happened – when the window broke or the mailman dropped off your package – and zooms in on the action. Maybe you don’t care about the hallway but you want to know every time the back door opened.

Sightline marks not just when activity started and ended but also in which of your Activity Zones the event took place.

White-listed applications can be viewed via Over Sight's preferences pane (discussed below): When Over Sight detects that the webcam has been activated, or, that a secondary process has accessed the camera (while it's already in use) it will display an alert: The webcam notifications will contain the name of the process (i.e. Just like with the mic notification, it will also contain the 'allow' or 'block' options. For example, a mic activation alert: In order to configure Over Sight, simply click on its icon () in the status menu.

Note, in some cases Over Sight cannot identify the process responsible for activating the mic or webcam. Then click on 'Preferences': This preferences window will also be shown if you run As previously mentioned, clicking on the 'Manage Rules' button will open a window that displays all white-listed applications.

Looking for the moment someone opened the gate two days ago? Open the updated Nest app and here’s what you’ll see: Free 3-hour history for all.