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It was a major setback for the Germans, the end of the idea of a fast German victory in the USSR.

Field Marshal Walther von Brauchitsch was excused as commander of OKH, instead Hitler appointed himself as Germany's supreme military commander as well.

The German Army Group North moved towards Leningrad, Army Group South took control of Ukraine, and Army Group Center advanced towards Moscow.

Stötzer moved on to study between 19 at the Grand Ducal Arts Academy in Weimar, where his teachers included Heinrich Domke, Hans van Breek and Siegfried Tschiersky.

Because of a reorganisation at the Weimar academy he then transferred to Dresden where he continued his studies at the city's Academy of Fine Arts from 1951 till 1953, where contemporaries included Manfred Böttcher, Harald Metzkes and the painter Ernst Schroeder.

At this stage, although Moscow was vulnerable, an offensive against the city would have exposed the German flanks.

In part to address these risks, in part to attempt to secure Ukraine's food and mineral resources, For Hitler, the Soviet capital was secondary, and he believed the only way to bring the Soviet Union to its knees was to defeat it economically.

In 1974 he worked with Konrad Wolf on the tragicomedy film The Naked Man on the Sports Ground ("Der nackte Mann auf dem Sportplatz"), himself taking a small cameo role as the town mayor. From 1975 till 1978 he was a guest lecturer at the Berlin-Weißensee High Arts Academy, and between 19 he held a teaching professorship at the East German Arts Academy.