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The base of the stalk consists of a disc-like sucker, which, in some species, has root-like structures that further increase its grip on the underlying surface. Like other echinoderms, crinoids have pentaradial symmetry.

The aboral surface of the body is studded with plates of calcium carbonate, forming an endoskeleton similar to that in starfish and sea urchins.

Specimens of the sea urchin Calocidaris micans present in a meadow of the crinoid Endoxocrinus parrae, have been shown to contain large quantities of stem portions (or columnals) in the direct vicinity of living crinoids, some of which were upended.

The gut content of the sea urchins consisted of articulated ossicles with soft tissue, whereas the local sediment contained only disarticulated ossicles without soft tissue.

The tube feet are covered with a sticky mucus that traps any food that floats past.