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Those who know them often label them as shy or a "loner." They turn inward in an effort to shut out social relationships.

It is common for a person with schizoid personality disorder to avoid groups of people or appear disinterested in social situations even when they involve family.

“In this sense, trafficking is a heightened form of blessing. Your pastor, your father, your mother your uncle, your brother, your sister, your friend. It acquiesces the act, making it socially normalised, easier to discuss in public, and even praised as a marker of youth, beauty and sexuality. Although not all blessers are all of these things, Grizelda’s comments seek to capture the exponential danger of normalising a concept she, and many others, feel is founded on the exploitation of young women in South Africa today.

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“Of course there are an array of factors contributing to the blesser phenomenon and sex trafficking in South Africa,” says Brigadier Vishnu Naidoo, the South African National Police Spokesperson.

“But we still need to eradicate the concept, otherwise our youngsters are going to be entwined in bondage.” Studies have shown that cash transfers, or grants, can drastically reduce the incidence of risky sexual behaviours (such as transactional and age-disparate sex) among young girls.

Professor Salim Safurdeen Abdool Karim, a South African epidemiologist and infectious diseases specialist, says that a community-wide study ‘revealed a cycle of HIV transmission driven by high HIV acquisition rates in adolescent girls and young women (15 to 25 years), principally from men close to or in their thirties’.

These men acquired HIV from women in their thirties, constituting the group with the highest HIV prevalence; a group the blessees will eventually make up, perpetuating the cycle of HIV transmission in South Africa.

Young girls are there too: both hovering conspicuously on street corners and walking confidently between the groups of men.