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Dodd, referred to as the “boy martyr of the Confederacy,” was hanged for espionage.

Florida’s legacy as the “supplier of the Confederacy” is evidenced by the numerous monuments constructed in honor of the soldiers who fought on its behalf.

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After the events in Charlottesville, Virginia it has become more clear that it is important to pay attention to the offensive Confederate memorials and statues on and around college campuses in America.

We have compiled a list with the help of the Southern Poverty Law Center guide book to Confederate symbols in America to help you identify and advocate for the removal of these monuments. Lee’s birthday into one holiday, which Jefferson State Universityand Southern Union State Community College recognize on their academic calendars.

Given that Georgia is in the south, we can expect a few Confederate monuments in this state.

At the University of Georgia, Candler Hall is named after Confederate Army Colonel Allen Chandler and Brown Hall is named after former governor and Confederate who led Georgia into secession, Joseph E. A Confederate monument is located in Athens, close enough to the University of Georgia that students have to walk by it quite frequently.

On August 14, a Confederate statute in Gainesville was removed in the wake of the events in Charlottesville.


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