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Through the entire drama between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the woman who hopes to be the next president was nowhere to be seen. What I Learned of War From Chris Kyle And From My Cousin Billy By March 1, 2015 The guilty verdict in the trial of the former marine who murdered Chris Kyle, the heroic American Sniper, may provide a measure of closure to the moral melodrama surrounding the American military role in Iraq. The Obama Matrix Emerges as a Policy Of Complete Acquiesence By February 24, 2015 Almost everyone except the shrinking hallelujah chorus for the Obama administration acknowledges that there are serious problems in U. foreign policy and that the antagonists to the West and to stability in the world are gaining strength every week…

Could Iran Yet Unleash A General Armed Assault Along the Borders of Israel?

Jerusalem Passport Case Could Yet Boomerang On Obama Administration By June 8, 2015 Those disappointed in the Supreme Courts decision yesterday in Zivotofsky v. Policy After Years of Folly By May 27, 2015 All polls and even informal observations by well-connected people confirm that the worlds opinion of the United States as a serious world power has eroded markedly. As Well as Great Britain By May 9, 2015 The next big drama in Britain is going to be over whether it should leave the European Union.

Kerry, which struck down a law allowing Jerusalem-born Americans to have Israel listed in their passports as their the place of birth, are missing the long-term… As President Obama and his entourage and imperishable following persevere in their… The clearest promise Prime Minister Cameron made in his winning re-election campaign was that he would hold an in-or-out referendum on Europe by 2017. Future for the Tories Lies to the Right In a Tilt to UKIP By May 9, 2015 My wife Barbara, a renowned political scientist, in the absence of conclusive evidence of humanly generated climate change, suggests that some ineluctable and universal forces are possessing electorates to smite themselves, as if deranged by a…

Would the articles continue to perpetuate damaging, untrue stereotypes about interactions between men and women?