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Waiting for hardluvnman in Starbucks, Lucy notices a man entering the coffee shop who looks like he has just blown in from a “mad, bad, and dangerous to know” convention.

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Before their visit ends, Lucy demonstrates her lack of nursing skills when a man sitting nearby chokes and she watches helplessly while Quinn saves his life.

Assuming he has pegged her as a liar, Lucy doesn’t expect to hear from hardluvnman again and is amazed to receive an invitation to dinner the following day.

Reluctantly meeting him for a real date, Lucy is surprised at Quinn’s obvious desire to continue seeing her and can’t decide if she feels pleased by his actions or stalked.

When he requests yet another date in two days, hope begins to flutter somewhere inside her – could he possibly be one of those very few normal men who search the Internet for companionship?

Bad cars, bad jobs, even bad teeth - nothing convinces them that they can't snare a size-two babe with a D-cup chest.