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He will discuss only co-parenting or financial issues.

I would be okay with him having casual sex but not a romantic sexual relationship.

I ended up feeling that hetero girls—and boys, too—could learn a lot from their gay and bisexual female peers.

And I don't mean by watching otherwise straight girls make out on the dance floor for the benefit of guys." Since gay and bisexual girls can't default to PIV intercourse, and since there's not a boy in the room whose needs/dick/ego they've been socialized to prioritize, queer girls have more egalitarian and, not coincidentally, more satisfying sexual encounters.

In the absence of sex-ed programs that empower girls to see themselves not just as instruments of another's pleasure but as autonomous individuals with a right to experience sexual pleasure—with a partner or on their own—girls wind up having a lot of consensual but crappy sex.