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You can even hand the processing off to the n Xt render farm on other computers while you use your computer for other things.

Mora Court - Austin Canon IRender n Xt is fully integrated into Sketch Up 7 and Sketch Up 8 for Windows.

Some of these materials are Solid Materials - such as the solid wood materials - which don't repeat and work better with sculpted surfaces.

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Sketch Up 8 incorporated a new version of Ruby which requires that you will need to install new versions of most Render Plus applications.

Works properly with Sketchup 8 Lighting Channels is an important new feature of IRender n Xt which lets you quickly adjust light sources.

This will saves time both in determining the relative intensities to use for light sources and in fine tuning the final image before publication.

In Version 3.5, Lighting Channels are integrated into the Batch Renderer, as well as used separately with the n Xt Image Editor.

When Sketch Up releases a new version, you will need to reinstall your Render Plus Applications to use the new version.