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By the way, in Norway, men take time off to care for a child more often than women.

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They have a bit coarse facial features, pale skin, eyes and hair. She can have any sort of shape and type of appearance, but she never has feminine fluidity in her movements, and light step.

Norwegians are “concrete” and straightforward in manners. These women literally radiate strength and reliability, they have no weaknesses, at least outwardly manifested. Norwegians are very fond of the sun and therefore they smile more than all the southern women together when the sun is shining.

At the time, clothes were to protect not only from the cold, but also from evil forces.

Belts and buckles also served as amulets, and not fully buttoned collar could become a good reason to break the marriage. At least, because after the divorce wife took back all her dowry.

That’s then when they became how we can see them today.