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If you take part in an Anand Karaj but you have not fully embraced the Sikh faith, then your act of encircling the Guru Granth Sahib not only belittles the Guru (which is why this entire subject causes much distress to practicing Sikhs), but it proves one thing and one thing only, that you’re taking part to appease either family or friends (or both), or you’re doing it to please your partner and maybe even to reassure yourself that as a “Sikh” you followed tradition and did what was required of you – which by the way explains why most guys then go and shave their beard and spend the rest of the day drinking, because for them it was always only a ritual which they completed.Allowing only Sikhs to part take in an Anand Karaj is not “discrimination against non-Sikhs” like the writer has alluded to, rather it is the most logical and rationale method to adopt.

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We may not go to the Gurdwara on a regular basis but we still identify as cultural Sikhs.

But this strand of thinking would rather excommunicate and expel all those who don’t follow their strict interpretations, until just their kind are left.

Most “marriages” in other faiths are legally binding contracts between man and wife regulated by the law of the land.

The Anand Karaj at no point specifies responsibilities or duties commonly found in orthodox wedding vows.

Organisers of the protest boasted: “On the weekend a outerfaith wedding where a Punjabi bimbo was marrying a non-Sikh (white Christian) was forcefully stopped by the Khalsa, Respect to these lads for standing up for whats right and standing up to a corrupt gurdwara commitee.” Note the usage of the words “bimbo” and “outerfaith”.