Single mom of three dating

Last night after watching The Bachelorette, I had a conversation with my mom about relationships. I ranted for a while about how much bullshit that is and how ridiculous it is and how while I’m sure my dad enjoyed pursuing my mom, and in many ways still does, he was not in it for the chase. He chased her because his goal was to have and keep her. Sometimes we chase too hard after what we want and then hold on too tight for fear of losing it again; and as we all know by now, that’s the best way to lose it all because no man wants to be gripped that tight.

She said something she has said many times, and something I’ve heard too many times to count. Not because it was fun to chase her and once he got her, he thought, “Well crap! Onto the next thrill.” To me, the thrill of the chase is a pretty weak, cowardly, lazy way out. Sometimes we test the waters and then jump back out the second anything reminds us of a past failure or wound; forever punishing the next guy for what the last one did.

And to take it one task at a time, marking them off as done.

But I do get questions from moms – single and happily married – as to how I do it. But I do my absolute best and pray it is good enough in the categories that matter. Every cell, every heartbeat, every breath is better because of these three little girls. As I navigate through my days, I always have them and their best interest in my heart.

I let the house go, started missing deadlines and the quality time I spent with my kids was watching movies. well, it might come in 5th behind showering and actually wanting to clean the house. I don’t have a perfect solution to balancing it all.