Small town dating

Tishomingo is about 30 minutes south of Ada, where he was born, and his mom, Dorothy, a retired hairdresser, still sells an array of crafts at a local store."No one bothers him here. We're told that Gwen is "pretty down to earth and raised with good values.

Both have a good sense of humor and are kind people. She's real normal and grounded.""They both value family and they are crazy about each other," one source added.

Nearly 50 years ago, the iron mining companies that were once the backbone of Crosby, Minnesota’s economy pulled the plug, leaving behind a scarred landscape of open pits and piles of unwanted red dirt.

The area soon became an illegal dump that looked more like Mars than Earth, and the town became the kind of place where visitors locked their doors as they drove through.

Oakridge, Oregon, has become a poster child for the movement.