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It seems to have been a very special funerary ritual of which only around a dozen other examples are known (perhaps reserved for individuals who had fought particularly bravely in battle or who had distinguished themselves in some other way).

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Thus, if a peril is not a war peril pursuant to Cl. 2‑8, unless excepted pursuant to letters (b) to (d).

This is different from the English and American conditions (both for hull and loss of hire insurance) which are based on the "named peril" principle.

Although around 20 other similar chariot graves have been found over the past century or so in the UK (mainly in Yorkshire), this new discovery, unearthed on the outskirts of the market town of Pocklington at the foot of the Yorkshire Wolds, is the only example ever excavated by modern archaeologists in which the two horses, used to pull the vehicle, were also interred.

What’s more, the burial forms part of one of the most important Iron Age funerary complexes found in Britain over the past half century.

Every risk is covered unless it is expressly excepted by one of the four heads listed above. 2-8 (a) expressly refers to war risk cover as defined in Cl.