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You meet someone, you talk for 5 minutes, and afterward you circle “yes” if you liked them or “no” if you didn’t. You get to make snap judgements on people (we’re humans, we all love to judge and you know it), and you also get to meet a ton of interesting people you never would otherwise. I’m sure that all four of those women have varying taste in men, not to mention the degree of different types of men who were in attendance.

If you both circle yes, you get each others’ contact information in an email the next day. Last week I went speed dating and I met two Australians who had only been in the country for five days, a soldier who finished his service in Afghanistan three days earlier, and a guy who works for Time Warner and was afraid I would hold that against him (I didn’t. Yet, they somehow all convinced each other that no one there was good enough for them.

They played soccer together, they took improv classes together, they even told the same jokes.

I did not learn a single new thing about guy #2 that I hadn’t already learned on my date with guy #1. You know you’ve spent much more time than that on How About We looking for a date. Try again with a completely different group of ten strangers.

The same goes for anyone who indulges in speed before going speed dating, but we don’t condone such behaviour at all. I am considering giving speed dating a go as then, you know, if the men I meet are chronic freaks of nature, at least they'll be out of my face sooner than normal.


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