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Since there were only six girls, and I already knew them, I guess this wouldn't be so hard, right? Here's a picture of the "poster' they had (which I had made for them in Powerpoint). Confidentially, if anyone gets a clean sweep, there might be some great prizes involved. I'd have to use the right opening line on the right girl! Maybe I should go ahead and give her an Amorous Action...

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The game is organized into multiple chapters, each with a specific goal to accomplish before moving on. The DS's dual screens are put to use by showing your character on the bottom screen, with the person that you're talking to on the top.

Dialog boxes show your conversation, and you're given the chance to select multiple responses during the chat.

I guess I've used her name enough and my camera enough that you already know by now. Maybe it was a stupid idea to post this thread in the first place.

Did I have to bite the bullet, risk everything we shared together?

The typical dating game plays much like a graphic adventure, where you play the part of a young man (or on rare occasions, a girl) trying to find love.