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It really feels like we're together a lot and even doing interviews or being busy, I'm normally sitting right next to her. Our families just met up together in Mississippi: Stephanie's side of the family and my extended side of the family, and we just spent a lot of fun time all hanging out and getting to know each other and wedding planning and all that stuff. That moment when we get the phone call from the doctor that the pregnancy didn't take, we were both really expecting good news, and the reality of getting bad news, and the cameras being there, and being in a room with other people, I felt blindsided by that moment.

[B Well, we kind of had a gray area where we were hanging out, and you know, a kiss might happen and a handhold might happen and a conversation and then a dinner, and I think we did that for about six months. That was definitely the moment where I was most aware of the cameras and not knowing how to go through that with all the right feelings because we were being filmed.

Comedian Tig Notaro cannot shut up about how in love she is.

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And I think that's, for me personally, what it took to understand my sexuality.

Some people, for whatever reason, get there sooner.

And I feel like if I had any reference point, or somebody that I could relate to, personally I think I would've recognized it earlier. [ and I've hung out with Melora [Hardin, who plays Tammy] on set and she's in flowing dresses and sandals, and I'm just like, "If Stephanie could see you right now, she would understand that you are not a real person."Stephanie: I like Tammy!

Tig: But yeah, I think that, as far as those labels go, if people have even one relationship that veers off the track that they thought they were on or they should be on, it's not illegitimate, and you're not veering off.

I kept gravitating toward her and wanting to spend time with her, and then in the process of recognizing that in myself, I was like, "Oh my god, I am fully in love with this person." It kind of blew my mind in terms of sexual orientation, where you're like, "I'm this way, and it's black-and-white." I look back and go, "God, I closed the door that I had no idea what was behind it." Yeah, we were at Sundance — and this was right after we had just reconnected — and she wasn't feeling well and I put my hands on her shoulders, and it was like this electric feeling through my body where I'm like, "Oh my god, I love this person and care about this person," and it felt so comfortable to touch her.