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David Gellman, director of the excavation in east Jerusalem's walled Old City, said that while the area was rich in archaeological finds, few such inscriptions had been found.

"Direct text and letters from people back then are relatively rare," he told AFP.

This is a fantastic piece of walk up hypnotic wizardry. Not just for the sheer balls of it but because the precise questions he’s asking literally set up the mind for compliance and remove any barriers to the actual kiss!

I don't know if the guy just lucked into this by accident or what but its truly brilliant and worth studying.

‘These criminals are constantly finding new ways to rip us off and those tackling fraud should be upping their game. However, although cheque, plastic card and online bank fraud was the fourth most commonly reported fraud, it’s not on the map because some reports are made by banks so the location is that of the bank, not the victim.