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She had lots of friends, and garnered nonstop attention from guys, leaving many girls jealous. She didn't have my sisters number but knew where she lived.

Anyways Amy saw me looking at this pic on my phone one day and she didn't say anything, even though I thought for sure I was busted. It wasn't long before I heard my phone start to vibrate notifications and it was my sister Lindsey was texting me.

I noticed that the only car in the driveway was my sisters yellow hatchback. On the other hand we're both attractive adults with high sex drives, and more than one of her boyfriends have looked fairly similar to myself...

I also noticed my sisters tan snowboots were the only others at the door, I wonder where's her friends at...? " my sister called down to me from the top of the banister. "Cool" I yelled back, and cracked myself open a brew. for helping to ease my transition back into single life.

It wasn't until months later we were in for middle of breaking up when she dropped it. I see how you look at her sometimes you fuckin sicky!! "Hey Paul your girlfriends acting like a weird bitch over here." "Yeah we just broke up...