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It seems the Doc has plans to attach people from mouth to anus and create a human centipede.

Unfortunately one of the Docs participants is a dude but check out the trailer and tell me what y'all think.cc_local: Dude, I'm really sorry, I know you're a newbie and I'm sure your intentions were honorable, but we don't allow complete movies full of copyrighted bondage material.

Yik Yakker wrote: Getting back to the subject of Lindsay Lohan (who has also experimented with the plumped-up lips look), what do you all make of this? OMG, she looks like a guy.....I realized it was a commercial.

There are three Gimp moments of interest in this one.

The first has a blond victim in a full nude, nailed crucifixion.

== === Oh, I forgot to mention about Ralphus telling us about: And speaking of reviews, check out Review #15 at the Internet Movie Database. I enjoyed the detailed review and your comments about the producer's intentions confirm that you are someone who will continue to make important contributions.

I share your concerns about wimpy whipping scenes (let's hope J. and Dan Hawke are paying attention) although I hope I never see one that's so bad it nearly brings me to tears.

Thanks for all the effort you put into your review.