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It is embed with simple, intuitive interface and flexible architecture which allows the CMS to perform well on anything ranging from blogs and personal websites to business sites and intranets. Concrete5 Concrete5 is a free open source CMS gaining popularity among designers for its focus on ease of use.

With Concrete5, one can manage a small to medium size website as easy as a WYSIWYG.

You need a reliable Web Host running Apache, My SQL and PHP.

XOOPS Cube will run smoothly on a LAMP environment.

4.33 RC 9 2014-08-28===========================================- deleting non english language files (cesag)- renamed .htaccess to _htaccess to avoid an error in the installation (cesag)- renamed forgotten Smarty templates to (cesag)4.33 RC 8 2014-04-23===========================================- moved all images, CSS, and JS files to /assets (mamba)- renamed Smarty templates to (mamba)- removed closing php tags (mamba)- set min. XOOPS as 2.5.7 (mamba)date 2013-08-27===================================1- bug fix: Notice: Undefined index: fct in file /modules/newbb/xoops_line 767 (Cesag)date 2013-08-24===================================1- bug fix: check if xoops poll module is available in newbb/admin/(Cesag)2- bug fix: single quotes inside language definitions break on Click event (Cesag/Irmtfan/Mamba)date 2013-05-28===================================1- improve: rewrite topic synchronization function.