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A Cistercian Priory existed at Haverholme from 1137 – 1539 after which is was developed into a country estate lasting until 1927, owned by the Earls of Winchilsea for its last 100 years.

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The Society's website is: *** Grantham Museum holds the following oral history material: Four tapes (cassettes) containing memories of VE Day, one tape about airfields in Lincolnshire during WW1, one tape about the WWI May 1918 attack on Chemin des Dames (recorded in 1975), one tape containing WWII RAF crew room sound effects, one taped interview with Harry Humphries about the WWII Dambusters raid, one tape of Clifford Dack talking about Henery Preston. sectiontype=listmixed&catid=9923 *** North East Lincolnshire Council – Grimsby Library.

At the start of 2012 there are a couple of ongoing projects at the library.

For information about oral history in the other counties of the East Midlands have a look at the East Midlands Projects page. The following link will take you to a page which summarises oral history work looking at agriculture in Lincolnshire -

This next link will take you to information about a current (April 2009) Phd project at the University of Lincoln which focuses on agricultural change in Lincolnshire during the mid-to-late 20th century, effects on rural culture and the representation of these causes and effects in the County's museums - Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire are recording memories of a wide variety of people who have been associated aith RAF bases in the area.

As an addendum to the story, which hit Five Live and the local regional BBC News programme, the library was contacted by a Dutch lady who said that 40 years ago her parents found the lifebelt from the Loveden (the pirated Grimsby trawler) on a Dutch beach and they have had it at their house ever since.