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Banhart, who has just been cast in the lead role in an independent romantic comedy called “Within the Heart” written and directed by Gina Luciano, doesn’t rule out another reality series, and says his experience was extremely positive.

Maybe Dani and Bobby will spend some time at the recording studio with Tila providing backup vocals to songs like "Stripper Friends" or "I Love You." Both songs sound pretty romantic, but here’s a sample of some of her lyrics from "I Love You" (the song she plays for them in the studio): You know I just want to let you know That I never felt this way about anyone else I … I think I love you So don’t think I’m crazy when I tell you this But if you ever hurt me I’ll f—in’ kill you You betta obey if you want my nookie You betta stop talkin’ to all them hoochies You betta wise up and listen to me I will f— you up She brings Dani and Bobby to the studio and is excited to introduce them to her brilliant engineer, who has worked with other big-time musicians like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson.

"But most importantly," she tells them, "Tila Tequila."She laughs, therefore forcing them to do the same, but I wonder if Dani noticed that Tila is now speaking about herself in the third person, just like Bobby does. Tila tells them to write lyrics to the tune of "I Love You" and sing them to her.

The things I say and the things I wrote were pretty much for a reason, and that’s all I can say as far as that goes.” He says that, while they “really didn’t talk that much,” he did talk to her three or four times after the show concluded its six-week taping in mid-September.

Because the outcome of the show would be spoiled, “we couldn’t see each in other in person,” he said, and that “was just hard,” especially with her travel schedule promoting the series.

After all, she’s a lesbian, which means she has an inherent ability to compose love songs and play the acoustic guitar.