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But the story of how the late Silva first landed the part of BOB is almost as unusual – and unlikely – as the character's own beginnings.

Silva wasn't originally hired as an actor – instead, he first worked for .

Girardi, 31, shared the sad news in a lengthy note that she called "the hardest thing I've ever had to write." The reality star explained that she went for an ultrasound earlier this month after her Perinatologist noticed that one of her twins had more fluids than the other, an early sign of twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS).

The syndrome is rare, and occurs when abnormal blood vessel connections form within the placenta, causing blood to flow unevenly between the fetuses, according to the Cincinnati Fetal Center at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. What you need to know about pregnancy complications Girardi wrote that although the doctor initially believed her twins' condition had improved, it hadn't, and her water broke after the fetus's amniotic sacs ruptured.

BOB's presence, though, is still absolutely felt throughout Showtime's revival.