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The hot chicks are just there to stroke their egos, the only ones you'll end up hooking up with are the sub 5's.

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So an example: they say they're studying science in school, your message would be: Hey, So, I gotta ask, why did you choose to study science? His message to me: "Only dorks wear sunglasses indoors" My response: "Yeah? I know I shoud probably get more creative with my messaging, but the problem is if its too short(Hey whats up? ) its "boring", and if its long they think its copied and pasted.** Electrical & Electrical Engineer Brah ** ** MWC Brah ** ** DJ Brah ** ** This Too Shall Pass Brah** "Montre - I like this fukker and I dont care what any one says, hes a rustler of the golden era, and I like that chit.

Speaks his mind, and thats important." - Weightsb4Dates 09/04/15Real talk... The answer to your question is that most women on dating websites are fat.

I went to school with a guy who was told by a girl to lose weight and she'll go out with him.

But most online dating sites follow an algorithm that suggests the more you have in common, the better the match. If you’ve ever had a friend with allergies, you know that a certain set of rules apply when they come around.

A lot the profiles are fakes, or the site doesn't deliver you messages based on their weird filters.