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A captivating neck stood on top of her smooth shoulders and beautifully curving back.

She also had firm, pert breasts, perfectly sized for Jabba's groping hands.

Most of the women the Hutts enslaved were either executed in a way that aroused their master, or were unfortunate enough to be kept alive to pleasure them on a daily basis.

The few who managed to escape went into hiding, too tramautized to tell anyone of the disgusting sexual acts that they were forced to have with their Hutt captor.

Leia had a strong intellect and forceful personality, having accomplished much in her youth.


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    Inc., 251 F.3d 955, 966, 58 USPQ2d 1865, 1877 (Fed. 2001) (“[P]atentee’s failure to disclose an unclaimed preferred mode for accomplishing a routine detail does not violate the best mode requirement because one skilled in the art is aware of alternative means for accomplishing the routine detail that would still produce the best mode of the claimed invention.”). SPECIFIC EXAMPLE IS NOT REQUIREDThere is no statutory requirement for the disclosure of a specific example — a patent specification is not intended nor required to be a production specification. The absence of a specific working example is not necessarily evidence that the best mode has not been disclosed, nor is the presence of one evidence that it has.

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