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But this is what makes wargames about it so fascinating, because it was a fairly even fight.

re greeted with authentic German and Soviet World War 2-era music and sound tracks.

Both enemy and friendly units act in mysterious ways. plain, which is actually a grid within the larger grid boxes of the strategy map? You can move your units about, putting them under cover or even in defensive positions. ll be asked to give their initial orders for the opening of the battle, another great feature? Although the graphics interface is a bit foreign it does have many great features. s great to see strengths and weaknesses of units you? There is a timer which times when the next artillery barrage will occur, but this timer does not speed up when you speed the game clock up. Unit detail, from tanks to artillery, and even soldiers is outstanding. The more hexes you have the closer you are to victory, and each hex is represented by a flag? Achtung Panzer: Operation Star really is a gem, especially for the addicted wargamer.

You give orders to withdraw from a position from which your being overwhelmed and some of your men will just walk back leisurely, as if their taking a stroll through the park? I think since the buttons for control are so vague, the responses one gets from their units will be just as mysterious. After the player has them where he/she wants them they? There was a bug in the HUD I noticed, and it had to do with artillery barrages. The best part about the campaign is that your casualties and victories get carried over to the next battle. s are fighting for control of the hexes, on the larger strategy map. Having both these avenues of approach make the campaign one of the most immersive and realistic approaches to the conflict offered on the PC. It displays the statistics of the units in graph form and has a 3D object of the unit which can be inspected from all sides.

There is no tutorial option, and nor is there a tutorial mission. t always get to find out what you need to know when you want to. But the amount of units you can place on the battlefield is limited? The strategy map is topographical and it also shows terrain features like roads, buildings, rivers, and forests. I run an AMD graphics card, but I narrowed down the problem and it was fixed when I checked the ? box under Anti-Aliasing in the AMD VISION Engine Control Panel. The So-So: The GUI is a bit rugged and the symbols used for buttons don? I really see a lot of potential from this game, especially from the modding community.