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Updating adaware

Visual VM 1.2 introduces the following features and enhancements:* Sampling CPU and Memory profiler plugin (Visual VM-Sampler available on Plugins Center)* Support for multiple jstatd connections on a single local/remote host* New charts with dynamic tooltips, public Charts API for plugins* Monitor and Threads tab are saved into Application Snapshot* Application Snapshots can be opened using the Load action or --openfile parameter* Properties UI for Applications, Hosts and Snapshots, public Properties API for plugins* Customizable proxy settings in Options dialog* UI for customizing SSL certificates in Options dialog (Visual VM-Security available on Plugins Center)* Enhanced JMX API to enable customizing JMX environment/connections by plugins* Display name defined by the monitored application: visualvm.property* Improved performance for remote X sessions* Automatic detection of broken jvmstat on Windows (username capitalization vs.

hsperfdata file)* Various UI improvements: main menu, toolbar and context menu; system (theme) colors; About dialog, profiler snapshots, Heap Walker# Java DBJava DB is included in 1.6.0_18.

These include:- Improved NUMA-aware allocation- Extensions to compressed object pointers- Garbage collection improvements Updated Client JVM heap configuration In the Client JVM, the default Java heap configuration has been modified to improve the performance of today's rich client applications.

Initial and maximum heap sizes are larger and settings related to generational garbage collection are better tuned.^ The default maximum heap size is half of the physical memory up to a physical memory size of 192 megabytes and otherwise one fourth of the physical memory up to a physical memory size of 1 gigabyte.

New tool to decode Log Compilation output- Extensive reliability improvements* Application Startup Improvements- Better startup of applications and applets on systems where D3D is used.