Updating filteredaccount view

Before creating a view, you may want to add more columns to the list to enable more flexibility for sorting, grouping, and filtering.

For sorting and filtering, you can choose columns that are in the data set, but not displayed.

If the number of items in your list or library exceeds the List View Threshold, but are still under 20,000 items, you can usually add indexes to existing columns.

updating filteredaccount view-89

If you just query for Species = Dog, your query will be throttled.

However, if you have an indexed column called Class, your query becomes Class = Mammals AND Species = Dog.

A filter can return data by itself or be grouped or sorted for better formatting.

Indexes work with filters to increase their performance.

Create a view There are more steps you can do with a view, but this is enough to view data that has exceeded the List View Threshold if you're blocked.


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