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Who are my support contacts regarding data subscriptions? The Jeppesen data consists of: Nav Data®: Airports, runways, frequencies, navaids, controlled airspace and restricted airspace.

Obstacle data: Depiction of the location and height of man-made obstacles that extend above the ground.

If you have an active Jeppesen subscription for Aspen data, then the terrain update will automatically appear in your JSUM account (Jeppesen Service Update Manager)*.

If you do not have an active Jeppesen subscription for Aspen data, please see "How does an operator get the new Jeppesen terrain database? If you have a multi-display installation WITHOUT synthetic vision, then only your MFDs DO qualify to take the terrain update.

Single PFD displays do not have a Nav Map view and do not require a micro SD card with terrain data to be loaded into the EFD card slot.