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If so, will buying new cabinets give you the opportunity to improve the physical space?

Remember that significantly reconfiguring the layout of your kitchen is likely to require professional guidance and professional remodeling contractors.

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" We advise you to read Rockler's article, "Making Your Own Kitchen Cabinets" before taking the plunge into the demanding project of constructing a kitchen's worth of cabinets.

If you're cabinets are in reasonably good shape, on the other hand, and the layout of the kitchen is up to your standards, you are in luck, and have a few reasonably easy courses of action to choose from.

You're not alone, and there are good reasons for taking on the project.

An up-to-date kitchen adds significant value to your home: In most cases, you can regain your investment (and then some) in equity.

This should be one of your main considerations in deciding whether to outfit your kitchen with new cabinets.