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For other Navman devices we have the following maps on SD card which do not need an activation unlock key/code: ‣Navman F20, F30, F40, F50: Western Europe, North America (USA & Canada) - all 2008 map data. ‣Navman i CN 300, 310, 320, 330: Canada, Nordics: Sweden/Norway/Denmark/Finland - all 2006 map data. ‣Navman i CN 510, 520: Nordics: Sweden/Norway/Denmark/Finland - 2004/5 map data. All maps and codes are genuine as supplied by Navman and were checked for validity with MIO/Navman in November 2014.

The Navman server will authorise the use of a map if you enter a genuine and unused unlock code/map product key.

To read more about which maps are compatible with different Navman devices click here or scroll down the page past the Navman product images.

We offer a guaranteed next day delivery option for the UK (before am and pm) as well as economy/standard delivery options, starting from £3.99.

We deliver to Europe and the rest of the world starting at £14.99.

If it's an accessory you require instead or as well, these can be found via the following link Navman accessories.

Navman Map Product Keys, also known as Map Unlock Codes.

At the time we bought maps for the whole globe for about $40 and the software was a whole lot better than the stand alone GPS. I have a Sony Xperia z3 compact, which was good for navigating for the first six months of use. I decided to change to a Garmin a couple of years ago.


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