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Please note that the Afterhours Service is not for emergency cases. Please contact the KFHT or your primary care provider for further information or referral.

Any emergency should be taken to the nearest emergency department or reported to 9-1-1. The Kincardine Community Medical Clinic and Kincardine Family Health Team have been experiencing technical difficulties with our phone system since Monday, February 22nd, 2016.

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Please call ahead to see if your Doctor's office is open before going to the clinic. The Kincardine Community Medical Clinic and Kincardine Family Health Team will not be offering dedicated Influenza Clinic dates as we had in previous years, but rather will assist in promoting our various healthcare partners within the community who will be offering dedicated flu shot clinics and they include: They will have "Drop in Days" after until serum is gone.

While the Ministry of Health has published reports of the flu mist being available, there are also reports the supplier fell short on its commitment and as such, we currently do not have any supply of the flu mist that should be available.

Afterhours Service Schedule The Afterhours Service is available to the community and patients of the Kincardine Family Health Team. 1201 Queen Street, Lower Level, Kincardine JULY 21 P. Ron Elliott, Executive Director of Westover Treatment Centre said “we are pleased to embark on this initiative with the Kincardine Family Health Team and the benefit to the community will be seen for years to come.” Access to the Kincardine Family Health Team is at to the patient.

The Nurse Practitioners (NP’s) within the KFHT will see patients with non-emergent conditions that require immediate attention. Members of the KFHT work in collaboration with your primary care provider to provide comprehensive healthcare services.

Visit to read more about the Afterhours Service and other Family Health Team programs and services available to our patients. 1201 Queen Street, Lower Level, Kincardine AUGUST 2016 AUG 8 P. The partnership will result in the implementation of programs available at the Family Health Team specific to recovery support (recovery and co-dependency recovery support), women’s health and addiction treatment.