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Reflecting later, Lady Bird said that the years her husband served as Vice President and she as Second Lady was "a very different period of our lives." Nationally, the two had a kind of celebrity, but they both found the office of Vice President to lack power.

On November 22, 1963, the Johnsons were accompanying the Kennedys in Dallas when President Kennedy was assassinated; they were two cars behind the President in his motorcade. Lyndon was sworn in as President on Air Force One two hours after Kennedy died, with Lady Bird and Jacqueline Kennedy by his side.

Lady Bird sometimes served as a mediating force between her willful husband and those he encountered. Secretary of the Treasury, and Texas oilman and rancher Wesley West.

On one occasion after Lyndon had clashed with Dan Rather, then a young Houston, Texas, reporter, Lady Bird followed Rather in her car. She served as president of the LBJ Holding Co., and her husband negotiated an agreement with the CBS radio network.

The daughters lived in the White House during their teenage years, under close scrutiny of the media. When Lyndon decided to run for Congress from Austin's 10th district, Lady Bird provided the money to launch his campaign.