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Artists since the fall of Rome had made pattern and texture a key component of their paintings, thus making the capability to manifest such pattern in tempera an ideal pairing.For some artists working in the Italian peninsula, the technique of tempera reigned supreme well into the fifteenth century.One can also note that, similar to his predecessor Duccio, Botticelli continued to reinforce the crisp and clear contours of each compositional element.

From ancient Egypt to the Indus River valley, historic global cultures made use of tempera paint and experimented with variations, a tradition that continued through the Middle Ages and even extended into the fifteenth century and the Renaissance era.

Accordingly, some of the finest examples of painting from art history reflect the use of this medium.

Tempera paint was also appreciated for its quick drying times and durability.

The use of tempera paint traces back to the ancient world.

The Afghan Foreign Minister said that it was about Islamic religious iconoclasm; the destruction has been held up as an example of the intolerance that the Taliban has for other religions.