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Essentially, every postcode consists of two elements, separated by a space.The outward part of the code comes first, then the space, then the inward part of the code.In this article, I'll explain the format and syntax rules for UK postcodes, and show you some SQL Server code for parsing and validating them.

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To determine whether a postcode actually exists, you would need to access the Postcode Address File.

(But even that wouldn't be a perfect check, as the PAF is never completely up to date; postcodes are constantly being added, and existing premises are occasionally re-coded.) You can improve the accuracy of the validation by checking the first one or two letters against a lookup table of the 124 postal areas (which can be found at int/post_code/en/countries/GBR.pdf). FUNCTION Check Postcode * Checks that a UK postcode is syntactically valid.

They include special codes for UK dependent territories (FIQQ 1ZZ for the Falkland Islands, for instance) and the code GIR 0AA, which is used by the National Girobank. Remember, our postcode validation function only checks that the code is in the correct format.