Vb net tableadapter update not updating database

--Hello Tonci, I have a similar problem, but it seems to be a bug from your code.

By setting this property to true, the proper select statement will be included and the generated command object will have its Updated Row Source property set.

If people like what we do with 6.1 then we will consider backporting this to 5.2 and 6.0.

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Basically, Db Command Builder will call Initialize Command with a null parameter when the commands are being generated.

If that parameter is null, then I assume we are generating new commands.

The problem is that the base class Db Command Builder doesn't expose the command building mechanism as virtual so you can't hook into it. Also, the table adapter config wizard is hard coded to only add a final select when dealing with Sql Server.

So, in order to help with this, I added a simple hack.

You can access the patch from: 710 Reggie Burnett 2009-08-25 removing fix for bug #37865. I've decided to go a different way in 6.1A patch for this bug has been committed.