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The site targets Latinos who feel a strong connection to their Latin roots and identify themselves with both American and Latin culture.

Barrio305 uses the Raw Connect platform, an open source project developed by the founders.

Moderated by a volunteer group of active community members, the chat room came to be known as the one of the top destinations online for the latino youth demographic.

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Other channels in the launch included Discover en Español, ESPN Deportes and the History Channel.

Timeline: Winter 2005 Barrio 305’s diverse and exciting original programming covers all the key subjects in the youth oriented Urban Latino scene.

Timeline: Spring 2005 Barrio305 used the power of the community to not only generate content but also to market the site across other social networks through the use of custom viral Barrio305 graphics.

At it’s peak, this strategy delivered over 100GB graphics serving as impressions on a daily basis to competing social networks.

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