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Larger Credit Limits: When compared to other credit cards, what you tend to find is that American Express cards carry a larger comparable credit limit.

This means more flexibility for you to fund your gambling in the first instance when you play by American Express.

You won’t be waiting around for hours for your balance to update with American Express.

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While it has not quite reached the same levels of popularity as VISA and Master Card, it is still widely supported by merchants online and offline – and online casinos are no exception.

It’s a handy card to have in your wallet anyway for general purchases, but it is particularly useful if you’re looking for a reliable, secure way to handle your casino purchases and withdrawals.

From the lowest level card, the Basic, customers can build their way up to much more exclusive cards, right up to the Centurion – Amex’s card for VIPs and high rollers.

There are income thresholds on each of the levels, and each comes with its own tailored fees structure, credit lines and other perks.

American Express was founded back in 1850, originally as an express mail courier business.


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