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You can watch the show on the Geek & Sundry channel every Thursday evening (well into the morning hours of Friday for those in Europe and beyond), and check out archived episodes on Youtube or the G&S website (The Geek and Sundry website publishes the episodes on Monday as a Private Video on Youtube). There's some pretty nasty stings from some ants out there.You should know, Raishan, I've stepped on plenty of anthills in my day. The strength of a colony is stronger than the individual of one great, diseased foot. [Rapidly] I sold out my own kind because I was enslaved by dragons who had tails and considered themselves royalty and therefore better than me and I don't have a tail and so I spent my whole life trying to figure out how to turn scales into weaponized candles. Die Krpersprache signalisiert fr die Fachfrau eindeutig, dass Trump seine Frau schlecht behandelt.

Hier flippt Melania Donalds Hand mit einem Fingerschlag weg, der um die Welt ging.

Schlagzeilen machte auch eine Szene whrend Trumps Amtseinsetzung: Donald dreht sich um zur lchelnden Melania, doch kaum dreht er sich wieder weg, fllt ihr Gesicht in Trauer zusammen.

So sei es kein Wunder, dass Melania ber Donalds politische Karriere nicht glcklich sei. So analysiert Patti Wood Bilder von Donald und Melania Trump: Krpersprache der Trumps Kommentarfunktion geschlossen Die Kommentarfunktion fr diese Story wurde automatisch deaktiviert.

Der Grund ist die hohe Zahl eingehender Meinungsbeitrge zu aktuellen Themen.

Related media include: Wil: Oh yeah, so I run down the thing, and I land on top of the bear, and I, like, flip in the air, and then, as I'm coming down, I sort of, like, barrel-roll a little bit, and then I flip again, and then I come down here so I land just like this, so I'm flanking this guy. And there's rock music playing while I do it, and I'm gleaming cubes on my way there, and as I come down, I use my Avenging Echo against him...