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At any rate, I kept checking my calendar and my phone in a momentary state of panic, worried that I was supposed to be somewhere I wasn’t. Next week’s schedule looks like a potential crapstorm of governmental ridiculousness.

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As stated here previously, I’m on board with this proposal.

I came on board when it was made clear no tax dollars will be involved--the only time you’ll pay for this is when you buy your airline tickets.

The Supreme Court is authorized to review the panel’s decision and impose any punishment ranging from a public reprimand to a suspension to disbarment. ****** A few weeks ago I made the comment that playoff baseball is a national treasure.

I’d like to thank this year’s participants in the postseason for backing me up on that. The Yogi Berra observation that “it ain’t over till it’s over” has never been more accurate thanks to the Houston bullpen.

The new airport would also allow mean “airlines have room to grow,” Stephens said.


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