dating delilah workbook - What the quran says about dating

So, basically, you just get to know the person, not err...experience them. For you, since you have non-Muslim parents, you should definitely visit a masjid and ask them if they can help you in finding a wife. (12) Jazak Allah khair for the duas but i would prefer duas for shahadah instead.Let us start somewhere: throughout history,billions of husbands have found their wives without dating,even in the West,and they have done very well.In other words, you can see him/her and talk about yourself, marriage, future, and other marriage-related things, as long as the meeting is chaperoned by a close relative, or at least, you both aren't in seclusion. You can ask a family member to look for one, like get the word out there that so-and-so is looking to get married. You are meant to chose a partner on the basis of their religion, beauty, status and wealth. I feel this may be one of the reasons why many muslims now find it difficult to marry.

internet dating for farmers - What the quran says about dating

Perhaps non-muslims have this perception that muslim marriages are all very serious and not very fun, but that couldnt be further away from the truth.

Its just the aim is to keep all of that inside a proper marriage, which is the basis for established a solid family structure which in turn creates a better society. No there's no kissing, or holding hands, or going out to the movies, or living-in, and all the other things non-Muslims do. The halal way is to limit the interaction between the potential spouse to only when it's necessary.

On the other hand , statistics with dating show alarming results.

Salaam Patrick, There is no concept of dating or any pre-marriage relationship in Islam. I found this link which might be useful - Courtship and Dating in Islam Those aren't allowed in Islam before marriage.

In Islam we aim to cut problems from the root, so anything which may lead to relations outside of marriage is prohibited.


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