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Ron accidentally reveals that that Leslie is secretly planning to put the cancelled children's concert on an unused lot (Lot 48) behind Ann Perkins' house, he tries to stop her.When he sees how much effort she put into it, he lets her have the concert and even pays Freddy Spaghetti to come back after he agreed to perform at a library in Eagleton, which gets him back on Leslie's good side." he quipped, adding, "Rumors this will be settled in a hot tub instead of replaying 18th #Masters"Fans were, understandably, thrilled by the prospect of seeing gratuitous shirtless shots of the golfer.

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Leslie and Ben then decide it is best to tell Chris about their relationship, which results to Leslie being put on trial to see whether she used her relationship with Ben to get special treatment.

Chris also brings up a maintenance worker, George Williams, that saw Ben and Leslie kiss at Li'l Sebastian's funeral, and whom they bribed to keep quiet.

Chris Harrison was totally on board, joking about the golfer's hypothetical quest for love.

"Yep it's now officially the most dramatic #Masters ever!

In the first episode of Season 3, "Go Big or Go Home", Ben starts a youth basketball league because of popular demand throughout Pawnee.


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