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The 55-year-old niece of Salvatore Lombardi, aka Sally Dogs of the Genovese crime family, died Thursday after a long battle with cancer.

Visitations for her are being held in New York over the weekend, while her funeral is set to take place in a Catholic church in the city Monday. News Sunday stars Brittany Fogarty and Karen Gravano were told "it's not a good idea" to attend any of the services. Big Ang's rep had no immediate comment."It's just years of history between the fathers," the source said, adding, "It's a shame but they understand to a point.

He also served time in prison, where he became friends with Karen's father.

Karen is the daughter of Salvatore Gravano, also known as Sammy the Bull, a former underboss of the Gambino crime family who served as the right-hand man to notorious New York mob leader John Gotti.

"I think Big Ang loved her husband dearly," he mused.