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Caroline Farey Three Marys Iconography (The Mystery of the Skewed Slab) - Original article by Hugh Farey A School Sindonology Project - Original article by Hugh Duncan Lotto V.

Luwu - A Long Running Investigation by Colin Berry - Original article by Hugh Farey Publications Book Review - by Hugh Farey - Le Saint Suaire de Besanon et le Chevalier Othon de la Roche by Andrea Nicolotti and Franche-Bourgogne Around the Internet Editorial - by Hugh Farey Events 2015 Exposition The Shroud's Intrinsic Value - Authentic or Not - Original article by David Rolfe Radiocarbon Date Reinterpretation - Original article by Hugh Farey The Face of the Man on the Shroud of Turin - Original article by Dr.

Dan Scavone and Ian Wilson - by Mark Guscin Obituary - Fr.


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