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Mr Hibbert may ask superficial questions which betray a lack of understanding.’The note gave a history of punk music and capitalised key words and band names.

It read: ‘The “PUNK” era which hit the music world between 1976-1978 was a very basic musical style featuring a strange bunch of anti-establishment acts, most famous of which were THE SEX PISTOLS.‘Other PUNK acts such as THE CLASH and THE DAMNED were popular ...

So when she was lined up for an interview with Tom Hibbert, deputy editor of teen pop magazine Smash Hits, her advisers gave her a crib sheet on punk bands such as The Sex Pistols and a warning she might not enjoy the interview.

The chat came in March 1987 – three months before her final general election victory.

‘It is no accident that Carla Powell signs this as well,’ he said.