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“It took a lot out of me,” he told me in a recent interview for the New York Post. Brooks, born and raised in Brooklyn, is one of the rare entertainers to earn an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and Tony Award. His work has appeared in People, Us Weekly, The Toronto Star and other top publications.

“I couldn’t move.” The legendary writer and producer of movies like “Blazing Saddles” and “Young Frankenstein” was married to the actress for 41 years before she lost her battle with uterine cancer. He’s been featured in two recent HBO specials and was given his own satellite radio channel earlier this month. I think I have another movie in me.” The most obvious choice, he says: “Mel Brooks’ History of The World: Part 2.” “It is a natural. He was the west coast TV reporter for The New York Post from 2008 - 2013.

Tars and Spars toured nationally, and became Caesar's first major gig as a comedian.

Liebman later produced Caesar's first television series. In 1946, Columbia Pictures produced a film version of Tars and Spars in which Caesar reprised his role.

Mentored by Don Appel, the resort's social director, Caesar played in the dance band and learned to perform comedy, doing three shows a week.