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This shows what we know, but we doubt we were the only ones surprised.

Nor do we expect we're alone saying Stefano and Paul may be in danger again.

The couple met when this season's Idol finalists attended the premiere of Red Riding Hood.

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed famously tied the knot less than four months after getting engaged in April 2015.

The couple, who are currently expecting their first child together, have been making us swoon for quite some time now with their adorable outings and sweet social media posts about each other, but the story of how they began dating is just a complicated.

gets THREE other homes AND their "security dog" -- a German Shepherd named Enzo. Nikki gets THREE of 'em -- a Range Rover, a Toyota Tundra, and a Toyota Rav4.

But over the course of their relationship, they worked on music together as a Civil Wars-like duo — and this week, their independently released full-length debut album is finally out.

She also chatted up the likes of Damon Wayans, Jr., Orlando Bloom and Benjamin Mc Kenzie, though it was the latter that got the most attention -- the two were snapped leaving the after-party together and locked in a pretty adorable embrace.