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At the time, the court described the petition as “misconceived”, with one judge dismissing the petition saying: “Somebody has a bee in his bonnet”.Some Hindu groups who are supporters of Oak’s theory claim that when the Mughals invaded and destroyed many Hindu temples or converted others into mosques, it follows that the Taj Mahal must have originally been a Hindu structure.Even the gowns that Sargun wore on various functions had an ethnic touch to them.

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But, her mind was blown away when he came to meet her in person. So, I was expecting this really odd looking guy on the sets.

We were to shoot the promo; Ravi knocked on my vanity door dressed in this red jacket looking cool and cute. That’s when I realised he was to play my husband.” “Nobody did (say the three magical words)! And I said yeah, I guess we are dating – so we just began dating.” Five months after this conversation, Sargun officially announced that they were dating.

We can talk about a hot girl/guy without having to think twice. So, I don’t think I prefer him as anything, I just prefer him in my life.” Ravi is undoubtedly, a caring husband as he is always there to share the household chores.

And, Sargun is equally understanding, as she gifted Ravi a bike on his birthday because he did not have any since Sargun is afraid of bikes.

In it he claimed the building had been constructed in 1155, before Muslim invaders came to India, and said it had originally been a temple called Tejo Mahalaya dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva.


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